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  • Virtual reality of diamonds

    Digital platforms are growing in significance for diamond manufacturers as technological advances and greater client confidence bolster online sales of diamonds. Apart from e-commerce opportunities, digital tools also enable suppliers to offer experiential services, from the virtual inspection of stones to tracing a diamond’s distinctive journey from mine to market.

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  • Hong Kong makes waves in auction market

    Hong Kong’s auction market has been flourishing in recent years, attracting both Chinese and international auction houses. The industry boom ended the monopoly by traditional established players, with the Hong Kong scene diversifying to open up new markets for jewellery auctions.

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  • The golden PATH

    Turkish fine jeweller Roberto Bravo has braved many odds over the years to build a brand that constantly delivers unparalleled product quality and a unique customer experience. At the heart of its operations are gold jewellery pieces in contemporary designs that tell stories of nature, art and humanity.

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  • Rainbow of demand for fancy colour diamonds

    Demand for fancy colour diamonds is reaching new heights. The gems’ impressive turn at recent auctions underscores their significance for asset preservation among investors and jewellery connoisseurs while convincing affluent consumers of their appeal. Further opportunities abound as lighter-coloured, smaller and more commercial goods increasingly fill different niches in the market.

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  • Stand out • Step up

    Winning the favour of celebrities and Hollywood elites, Stefere has grown in popularity in Europe and the US in the last few years. Capitalising on the momentum, the fast-growing French jewellery brand is expanding its presence in high-end department stores worldwide instead of opening mono-brand boutiques.

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  • Bulgari and the art of fine jewellery making

    Luxury brand Bulgari embraces its destiny in the modern world as a legendary jewellery house and a staunch supporter of the arts and humanitarian causes.

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  • Platinum 2018

    Falling platinum prices and slower demand for platinum in auto-catalysts, as well as in the largest jewellery market of China, have exerted downward pressure on the profitability of the platinum mining industry in recent years. To encourage more funding to boost demand in jewellery, PGI CEO Huw Daniel has implemented various strategies across PGI’s markets, including relocating the organisation’s headquarters from London to Hong Kong. In an exclusive interview with JNA, Daniel shares his insights on the world’s platinum jewellery market as well as his priorities for 2018.

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  • Gem projections

    Changes in consumer profiles and expectations are having a profound impact on the coloured gemstone sector. Catering to these new requirements entails industry collaboration and compliance on issues of transparency and sustainability, according to Clement Sabbagh, president of the International Colored Gemstone Association.

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  • Turkey retains edge in global jewellery scene

    Turkish manufacturers remain a force to be reckoned with in the international jewellery market. Armed with a rich jewellery-making legacy and innovative spirit, Turkish jewellers are once again out to dazzle the world in 2018 as they move to further expand their global foothold through modernisation.

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  • Pearl auction revelations

    Auctions in Hong Kong and Tahiti reveal steady demand for good-quality pearls, with auction organisers reporting competitive bids and solid sales.

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  • Purple garnets captivate gem and jewellery trade

    Buyers are gradually taking notice of a relatively new gemstone from Mozambique that dealers aptly describe as enthralling. Purple garnets, they said, are commanding attention in the trade because of their deep, rich colour; competitive price and overall individuality.

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  • ZULTANITE, a Promising Newcomer

    Some industry players refuse to attribute market uncertainties to a decline in consumer spending power. According to them, what the sector lacks are fresh and innovative products that could excite buyers and give added value to their portfolios. Here’s a look at zultanite, an emerging gemstone that is starting to catch the imagination of traders and connoisseurs alike.

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  • Gold jewellery to top buyers’ Christmas lists, says survey

    December is undeniably a month of celebration, with eager shoppers rushing to get their hands on the best gifts for loved ones and friends. A recent industry survey revealed that buyers are likely to purchase gold jewellery as gifts, with bracelets as their number one pick.

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  • IDGR displays formidable lead in synthetic diamond detection

    The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), a part of the De Beers Group of Companies, reinforces its leading role in the field with regular launches of state-of-the-art diamond grading equipment. Through continued research and product development, the institute is further enhancing its expertise to foster consumer confidence and transparency in the trade.

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  • Russian MANUFACTURERS Bank On Tradition For International Acclaim

    Russia has, over the centuries, carved a niche for itself in the jewellery world with its artistic and distinctive creations that boast scintillating gems and unparalleled craftsmanship. Jewellers today keep their country’s rich jewellery-making legacy alive through modern adaptations of age-old techniques.  

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  • The online vs offline Debate

    Online shopping has proved a popular option for young consumers. But though research finds that physical stores and online shops complement each other, and the future of retail lies in a combination of both channels, such strategies appear to be feasible only for big companies. Opportunities however still abound for smaller and traditional businesses in the retail sector.

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