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  • Harry Winston: A diamond royalty

    There have been many luminaries in the field of high jewellery but one of the most renowned is Harry Winston. His name is synonymous with legendary diamonds, dignitaries and philanthropy. This quintessential jeweller added sparkle to the industry, thanks to his bold attitude towards jewellery making.

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  • Fawaz Gruosi: The creative rebel

    Celebrated jeweller to the stars Fawaz Gruosi, founder of Swiss high jeweller de Grisogono, rose to fame by forging his own path in jewellery design. Armed with a defiant artistic spirit, he chose to buck the trend and use unconventional materials and bold designs to create his jewellery – some of which have become among the most iconic pieces in the jewellery world.

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  • German jewellers: A cut above the rest

    For centuries, Germany has displayed an expertise in jewellery design and manufacturing that rivalled legendary masters all over Europe. JNA looks into developments that are changing the landscape of Germany’s manufacturing industry and how the country’s jewellers are braving the elements.

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  • The Paradox of Pearls

    Acclaimed as one of nature’s greatest gifts, pearls have fascinated the world for many centuries. Amid ever-changing consumer behaviours and the prevalence of contemporary jewellery designs, pearls have time and again proven their resilient nature and eternal beauty. JNA’s cover story centres on the evolution of pearl jewellery through masterpieces by Hong Kong-based South Sea pearl producer Rio Pearl.

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  • GIT gears up for stronger role in global jewellery sector

    The Gem and Jewelry Institute of Thailand has mapped out a fresh direction for 2018, which focuses heavily on international expansion, fostering consumer confidence and developing digital platforms as Thailand moves to become a global gemstone and jewellery trading hub.

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  • Sparkling prospects for KP Sanghvi

    Buoyed by the more positive business sentiment at trade fairs this year, KP Sanghvi is banking on its jewellery collections and certified diamonds to usher in further growth over the next three years.

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  • Big vision, Small details

    Sustaining a brand is no easy task, especially in an environment as competitive as the jewellery industry. Niessing though has been impressing jewellery lovers with its innovative designs for over a century.

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  • A tourmaline’s universe of colours

    With their eclectic hues, durability and overall beauty, tourmalines are expected to command attention in the global gemstone sector over the coming months, with the Asian market driving the growth.

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  • Fresh marketing tack for lab-grown diamonds

    Lab-grown diamonds should be viewed as a choice for consumers rather than a threat to the industry, according to ALTR Created Diamonds. The lab-grown diamond house cites full disclosure, modern marketing and a consumer-centric approach as crucial to establishing legitimacy for the product category.

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  • Dedication TO craftsmanship

    In all its luxurious fine jewellery pieces, from the classically elegant to the refreshingly modern, Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen melds exquisite details and superior craftsmanship. Graceful and natural designs are the signature of this jewellery brand, a favourite of the Danish royal family. To Charlotte Lynggaard, creative director and the daughter of the brand’s founder, jewellery has to be eye-catching, expressive and impressive. She shares her creative process in an interview with JNA.

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  • Diamonds for the modern woman

    Women's standing in society is evolving due to new relationship dynamics, female consumers'  increased spending power and the redefinition of femininity. These fundamental shifts yield new opportunities for the diamond jewellery sector, according to De Beers' Diamond Insight Report 2017.

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  • Rio Pearl: In a league of its own

    Pearl specialist Rio Pearl has stayed ahead of the game for many years largely due to its unwavering dedication to hard work and innovation. The company has successfully integrated its wholesale business with pearl production over the years, with pearl auctions in Hong Kong now comprising majority of its operations.

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  • PNJ: Vanguard of success in Asian jewellery sector

    Phu Nhuan Jewelry Joint Stock Co (PNJ) of Vietnam is further solidifying Asian jewellers’ status in the global jewellery world, thanks to its business expertise and impressive product portfolio. With unrelenting growth, the company continues to make inroads in the industry through new collections and a stronger retail footprint.

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  • Crossfor: Breaking boundaries in innovation and design

    After successfully introducing the phenomenal “Dancing Stone” technology to the global market, Crossfor is laying the groundwork for further expansion and growth. It has since been listed on the Jasdaq Standard – a move that is seen to cement the company’s reputation as a market mover and trailblazer in the fine jewellery business.

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  • JAPAN fortifies role in global jewellery sector

    Renowned for its dedication to precision and quality, Japan has become one of the world’s most prolific manufacturers of pearls and finished jewellery. It has also maintained leadership in the diamond jewellery sector over the years. Moving forward, Japan is building momentum for the Japanese Akoya pearl as a true symbol of the country’s propensity for artistry and innovation.

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  • Pino Aliprandini breaks new ground in electroplating

    Pino Aliprandini’s Orbit 1 machine is arguably the first desktop electroplater to be fully controlled by a mobile app. The machine will be made available through a crowdfunding campaign in November.

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