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  • Italian jewellers:A legacy of creativity

    Italian fine jewellery manufacturers are flexing their creative muscles anew with eclectic jewellery collections that celebrate intricate craftsmanship and unmatched artistry.  In this issue, JNA takes a deeper look into the business strategies, expansion plans and design philosophies of major Italian jewellers, and how these companies have successfully sustained their top position in the global fine jewellery industry.

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  • Multicolour sapphire layouts enjoying robust demand

    Multicolour sapphire layouts and Kashmir sapphires from the new Azad Kashmir mine in Batakundi, a town in Pakistan-controlled Kashmir, are sparking buyers’ interest, a coloured gemstone dealer said recently.

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  • Digital photography technology

    Sunlin Tech Co Ltd is highlighting its HAD digital photography box, which combines high-technology light source and an advanced control system with an ideal shooting space to achieve greater results.

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  • Laser-marking systems

    East Systems HK is presenting a system of laser-marking machines. According to the company, direct material laser marking is a “fast, low-impact and effective way” to permanently mark parts and materials.

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  • German company provides casting solutions

    Ti-Research Gbr of Germany is offering Cast, a “compact, centrifugal and affordable casting machine” for modern jewellery makers.

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  • Automatic engraving machine

    The LX983 automatic single-bead engraving machine is an innovative addition to Shenzhen Longxing Mechanical Technology Co Ltd’s product portfolio.

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  • Heraeus fortifies business with latest acquisition

    Heraeus Precious Metals Global Business Unit has finalised the acquisition of Swiss precious metals processor Argor-Heraeus. As a result, Argor-Heraeus is now entirely owned by Heraeus, the company announced recently.

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  • Manufacturer highlights moulding rubbers in various sizes

    Jewellery tools maker Castaldo is shining the spotlight on its jewellery moulding rubber, which it described as extra fast and efficient.

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  • HK jeweller cites heritage as key to success

    Established in 1973, Hong Kong-based On Tai Jewellery has achieved high praise for its tradition of fine craftsmanship and design expertise. The family business, which traces its roots to 1930s Shanghai, is in the hands of third-generation jeweller Lisa Lee, the creative force behind her namesake brand, Lisa Lee Joaillerie. In an interview with JNA, Lee talked about her passion for jewellery design, her finest collections and her business outlook.

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  • US multinational to acquire Canadian miner

    American conglomerate The Washington Companies is taking over Dominion Diamond Corporation through an agreement stipulating the sale of the Canadian miner to Washington for $1.2 billion.

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  • Higher-grade diamonds fuel Alrosa’s first-half output

    Russian miner Alrosa reported a 14 percent increase in diamond production during the first half of 2017 on the back of a 19 percent rise in mining grades.

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  • HK dealer counts on tanzanite’s beauty and rarity to spur growth

    The global tanzanite market is poised for stronger growth over the coming years, thanks to discerning buyers’ unwavering appetite for top-quality goods, according to Hong Kong-based Amodoria Gems Ltd.

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  • HK manufacturer counts on innovation and business flexibility

    Jewellery Collection Manufacturer Ltd of Hong Kong is banking on its manufacturing and design expertise to maintain its position in today’s highly competitive jewellery manufacturing industry.

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  • Appreciating Chinese designs and aesthetics

    The diamond ring, especially the solitaire, offers the least flexibility in terms of design due to its size. The top-selling product in China under the diamond jewellery category, the diamond ring might fail to sustain its popularity due to limited design options. In an attempt to address the issue and propose solutions incorporating traditional Chinese design elements in diamond ring styles, TTF Haute Joaillerie (TTF) initiated and co-hosted the HRD Antwerp & TTF 2016 Carat Diamond Ring International Jewellery Design Competition in partnership with government bodies and industry stakeholders, which included the organising committee of Shenzhen Fashion Week, Luohu District Economic Development Council and the Luohu District General Chamber of Commerce.

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  • The power of colour: Industry association steps up fancy colour diamond promotion in Asia

    The Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association (AFCDIA) is set to make a positive difference for the region’s luxury jewellery sector through collaboration and creative marketing initiatives that will shine the spotlight on the world’s most extraordinary gems.

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  • Trader highlights allure of exotic gems

    German gemstone specialist Groh + Ripp GmbH has carved an indelible niche in the global industry, thanks to its commitment to providing a broad selection of coloured gemstones of the highest quality to major markets worldwide.

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