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  • HK dealer counts on tanzanite’s beauty and rarity to spur growth

    The global tanzanite market is poised for stronger growth over the coming years, thanks to discerning buyers’ unwavering appetite for top-quality goods, according to Hong Kong-based Amodoria Gems Ltd.

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  • HK manufacturer counts on innovation and business flexibility

    Jewellery Collection Manufacturer Ltd of Hong Kong is banking on its manufacturing and design expertise to maintain its position in today’s highly competitive jewellery manufacturing industry.

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  • Appreciating Chinese designs and aesthetics

    The diamond ring, especially the solitaire, offers the least flexibility in terms of design due to its size. The top-selling product in China under the diamond jewellery category, the diamond ring might fail to sustain its popularity due to limited design options. In an attempt to address the issue and propose solutions incorporating traditional Chinese design elements in diamond ring styles, TTF Haute Joaillerie (TTF) initiated and co-hosted the HRD Antwerp & TTF 2016 Carat Diamond Ring International Jewellery Design Competition in partnership with government bodies and industry stakeholders, which included the organising committee of Shenzhen Fashion Week, Luohu District Economic Development Council and the Luohu District General Chamber of Commerce.

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  • The power of colour: Industry association steps up fancy colour diamond promotion in Asia

    The Asia Fancy Color Diamond Association (AFCDIA) is set to make a positive difference for the region’s luxury jewellery sector through collaboration and creative marketing initiatives that will shine the spotlight on the world’s most extraordinary gems.

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  • Trader highlights allure of exotic gems

    German gemstone specialist Groh + Ripp GmbH has carved an indelible niche in the global industry, thanks to its commitment to providing a broad selection of coloured gemstones of the highest quality to major markets worldwide.

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  • Aquamarine captures splendour of the sea

    A gemstone steeped in myths and legends, the splendid aquamarine is treasured for its sea-blue colours, which remind one of tranquil waters, stormy oceans and the crystal-clear lagoons of the Caribbean. “According to legends, the aquamarine comes from the treasure chest of mermaids. It has been regarded as the mariner’s lucky stone since ancient times,” said Constantin Wild of Idar-Oberstein-based W. Co

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  • US multinational to acquire Canadian miner

    American conglomerate The Washington Companies is taking over Dominion Diamond Corporation through an agreement stipulating the sale of the Canadian miner to Washington for $1.2 billion.

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  • Higher-grade diamonds fuel Alrosa’s first-half output

    Russian miner Alrosa reported a 14 percent increase in diamond production during the first half of 2017 on the back of a 19 percent rise in mining grades.

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  • AG Color celebrates opulence of tanzanite

    US-based AG Color Inc is fortifying its position in the tanzanite market with its extensive inventory of fine-quality stones, from calibrated goods to flawlessly cut tanzanite gems.

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  • Steady demand for fine goods seen at Rio Pearl summer auction

    Demand for good-quality golden South Sea and Tahitian pearls remains strong based on the results of Rio Pearl’s summer auction in Hong Kong. According to company director Jonathan Cheng, 433 lots (184,443 pearls with a combined weight of 80,525.51 momme) out of the 437 lots (184,727 pearls with a total weight of 80,805.12 momme) offered at the June auction were sold, generating $3.86 million in sales.

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  • Golden pearls lead Belpearl Auction in Hong Kong

    Golden South Sea pearls from Myanmar were the top performers at the Belpearl Auction, which took place from June 16 to 20 in Hong Kong. A total of $7.4 million was realised from the sale.Organised by Belpearl Auctions (HK) Ltd, the auction shone the spotlight on the harvests of pearl producers from Indonesia and Myanmar.

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  • Tools manufacturer capitalises on competence

    China-based equipment manufacturer 3D Plus Printing Hong Kong Ltd specialises in the development and manufacture of machines designed for the jewellery industry.

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  • Annamaria’s golden moments

    Fifth-generation jeweller Raffaella Renai is continuing her family’s legacy of old-world craftsmanship by embracing modern innovations and designs. Raffaella, daughter of Annamaria Cammilli and head of the creative team at Annamaria Cammilli Firenze, was recently in Hong Kong to unveil the Florentine brand’s 2017 collection at masterpiece by King Fook. Raffaella sat down with JNA to talk about the inspiration behind the luxury jeweller’s latest creations and its extraordinary technical mastery of gold jewellery production.

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  • Fine jewellers sparkle in US market

    Luxury jewellers producing collections that are the epitome of artistry and beauty are steadily carving a prestigious niche in the US’ highly competitive marketplace.

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  • Tanzanite traders eye more stability in 2H 2017

    Tanzanite – a gemstone valued for its intense blue-violet hues, rarity and enigmatic history – will continue to captivate the global jewellery and gemstone sector going forward.

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  • Professionalism and creativity fuel Taiwan’s jewellery industry

    Taiwan continues to fascinate jewellery traders and collectors all over the world with its one-of-a-kind artistry, which further strengthens the country’s role in the global jewellery sector.  

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