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Jadeite Marvels

23 June 2018

Butterfly-inspired natural jadeite brooch in 18-karat white gold by United Jewelry Co


A mesmerising assortment of natural jadeite jewellery is gracing the display windows of Hong Kong manufacturer United Jewelry Co.

One of the highlights of United Jewelry’s offerings is a butterfly-shaped natural jadeite brooch in 18-karat white gold that symbolises “a wonderful life, wealth, love and happiness,” the company said.

Other jadeite jewellery products include rings, bangles, earrings, necklaces/pendants and jewellery sets. The jeweller is also launching fresh designs at the show.

United Jewelry takes pride in the exceptional beauty of its jadeite pieces, which it described as superior in quality and colour.

“We welcome buyers from all over the world but we are locking our sights on existing and potential clients from Hong Kong, mainland China and Southeast Asia,” the company said. “We are optimistic about business prospects at the show, owing to buyers’ penchant for innovative designs and unique jadeite products.”