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Active trading at leading mid-year fine jewellery event

23 June 2018

Buyer views display at June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair

Ruby by Veerasak Gems Co Ltd



The June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair’s resplendent and extensive array of goods is attracting professional trade buyers from all over the world.

Mariya Safronova, who heads the sales department of Russian chain store Cacholong, intends to spend around US$100,000 on elegant fine jewellery pieces with diamonds and coloured gemstones. Cacholong has 50 stores across Russia, she said.

Chilean wholesaler Algarrobo Joyas’ Juan Miguel Mimica Huidobro has been coming to the June Fair for more than 20 years. This time around, he is sourcing for coloured gemstones including garnets and tanzanite stones. “I am also hoping to find something new and special that I can present to my clients,” he commented.

Philippine distributor Kiralyds Enterprises supplies diamond jewellery and loose diamonds to local showrooms. President and CEO Kiran Jayantilal Chauhan is at the June Fair to buy US$1,000 to US$7,000 worth of affordable, medium-quality diamonds.

The June Fair has one of the most extensive diamond, coloured gemstone and pearl marketplaces, and one of the richest and most diverse fine jewellery selections ever assembled under one roof.