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Diamond dreams from J. B. And Brothers

12 September 2018

An expansive range of superior-quality diamonds is adorning the booth of J. B. And Brothers Pvt Ltd at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Diamonds from J. B. And Brothers


Headlining its offerings are polished goods from 30 pointers to 10 carats and up, in D to N colours and IF to SI clarity grades. The diamonds come in round and fancy shapes. J. B. And Brothers is also presenting a broad range of fancy colour diamonds.

“Our diamonds each have a story that is presented in a detailed report, high-definition pictures and videos, as well as our very own JB Grading System or JGS,” noted the company. “Our website also has a special feature called Trade Show Request, which allows customers to view the stones that are available at our booth.”

At the show, the company aims to liaise with retailers and wholesalers from China and Southeast Asia, as well as the US and Europe. J. B. And Brothers said it is counting on its competitive advantages such as high-quality products, the use of advanced technology across the production chain, and unparalleled customer service to sustain growth.

“We are anticipating stronger buyer turnout this year on the back of improved demand from major markets,” it noted.