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Kiran’s glittering world of diamonds

12 September 2018

Kiran Exports (HK) Ltd is showcasing its wide array of certified and non-certified diamonds at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Polished diamonds from Kiran Exports (HK) Ltd


The company prides itself on having a massive inventory of certified diamonds offered through its e-commerce portal. This includes more than 100,000 solitaire diamonds ranging from 18 pointers to 2-carat stones and up, in D to M colours and clarity grades of IF to SI2. The diamonds are available in round and fancy shapes.

Buyers of non-certified diamonds meanwhile may avail themselves of regular standard parcels as well as customised products.

Over the years, Kiran Exports has built a formidable reputation for its Hearts and Arrows diamonds, calibrated parcels for high-end jewellery pieces, colourless diamond parcels, as well as stones in special cuts and sizes.

“Kiran Exports has strategically established itself as a supplier of fine-quality goods and top customer service,” the company remarked. “We expect to do business with existing and potential clients from the Far East, China, Asia-Pacific countries and a few significant clients from the US and Europe.”

The September Hong Kong Fair provides an excellent opportunity for one-on-one interactions with major jewellers and buyers from around the world, Kiran Exports added.