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Enchanting tanzanites from A G Color

12 September 2018

Tanzanite specialist A G Color Inc is once again out to dazzle buyers at the September Hong Kong Fair with its extensive selection of the beloved blue-violet stone in fine cuts and cabochons.

Tanzanite and diamond ring

Tanzanite stones

Kite-shaped tanzanite stones

Tanzanite drops


Buyers can choose from its collection of tanzanite singles, pairs and suites. “We’ve had tremendous success with exceptional fancy cuts and shapes in singles and pairs since our customers are always on the lookout for unique offerings,” commented company president Hemant Phophaliya.

A G Color specialises in stones of 50 carats and below. Its inventory consists of both calibrated sizes and stones of 3 carats to 50 carats in singles, pairs and matching layouts.

The company is also showcasing fresh, exceptional designs in its line of tanzanite jewellery as well as jewellery pieces using various coloured gemstones such as morganite and aquamarine.

“Our tanzanite stones are highly sought after by buyers because of our one-of-a-kind cuts. Customers are likewise pleased with the quality of our products and their value for money. In the jewellery arena, we are making strides due to the extensive and diversified lines that we offer,” added Phophaliya.

A G Color is eyeing buyers from Europe, China, the Middle East, India, Russia and the US at the show.