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Majestic diamonds

12 September 2018

A stunning diamond-studded tiara is the star of Grunberger Diamonds’ product offerings at this year’s September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Tiara in 18-karat white gold with ‘Grunberger Precision Cut’ diamonds


The 18-karat white gold tiara is embellished with 989 G-colour diamonds of IF to VVS clarity grades with a total weight of 7.7 carats. The diamonds also vary in sizes, according to the Belgian diamond trader.

“This elegant and sparkling tiara, adorned with ‘Grunberger Precision Cut’ diamonds, costs HK$140,000 or around US$17,800,” the company disclosed. “We are also presenting loose diamonds in a variety of colours and clarity grades at different price points.” Grunberger offers “Ideal Cut” diamonds with Hearts and Arrows. The company is training its sights on jewellery manufacturers, designers and diamond wholesalers from Asia at the show.