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Massa Gioconda presents wonders of nature

12 September 2018

Italy-based coral expert Massa Gioconda is prepared to meet buyers’ sourcing needs for Mediterranean and Pacific corals, Sleeping Beauty turquoise, sardonyx and carnelian shell cameos, and shell lamps.

Multicolour Mediterranean and Pacific round coral necklaces

Starfish-inspired Sleeping Beauty natural turquoise


The company offers loose and specially carved stones, necklaces, one-of-a-kind jewellery pieces as well as handcrafted shell cameos and lamps.

“Our corals, turquoise stones and shells are all 100 percent natural. Each piece is unique in colour and size,” noted Massa Gioconda. “Cherished as ornaments and emblems of power, these gems are also considered talismans of wealth and prosperity in many cultures around the world.”

At the show, Massa Gioconda wants to do business with retailers, goldsmiths, designers and wholesalers. “In an era where customisation has become extremely popular, we can offer buyers what their customers are looking for,” it added.

The company currently exports to the US, Japan, South Korea, China and Europe.