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Amity’s pearl varieties

13 September 2018

Amity Pearl Trading Co wants to attract buyers with its splendid pearl collection.

Colourful freshwater potato and rice pearl strands

Handmade freshwater pearl earrings and brooch


Top-billing its product offers are 1.5mm to 4mm colourful freshwater pearl strands; 1mm to 3mm undrilled and half-drilled loose freshwater pearls; 6mm to 10mm Japanese Akoya pearls; handmade freshwater pearl jewellery; and 1mm Keshi pearl strands.

“The colourful pearls move quite fast and are a hit among overseas designers. Our flower-inspired pearl jewellery set is also sought after because of the pearls’ unique and irregular shape,” noted Amity.

Citing its pearl expertise, the company said it is prepared to meet the diverse needs of wholesalers, importers and designers by offering a wide range of pearls in different sizes, shapes, colours and price points.