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Golden Glow

13 September 2018

Rings by Niessing Manufaktur GmbH & Co KG

Ring in silver and 22-karat gold embellished with aquamarines by Thomas Thomidis

Fancy yellow diamond ring by SKSM Dia Jewels Ltd

Golden South Sea pearl necklace by
WCJ International Ltd

Diamond earrings by BNM Jewellers

Gold bracelet with diamonds by Damaso

Bangle with diamonds by Hulchi Belluni

Left: Gold bangle by Matthia’s & Claire
Right: An 18-karat gold bangle with diamonds by Piero Milano

‘Dazzle’ diamond earrings in 18-karat gold by Su-Raj Inter Gold (HK)

Left: ‘Olives’ ring in gold with diamonds by Ilidio Dos Santos Galeiras & Comp Lda
Middle: Gold earrings by Masviel of Marcel Robbez Masson
Right: 18-karat gold earrings by Arpa – Artigos De Ourivesaria, LDA


Gold transcends cultural and generational boundaries, ever alluring in classic fine jewellery as well as contemporary designs. The versatile metal is elegant in simple lines, feminine in dainty pieces, and fashionable in stylish creations.