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New growth avenues for Crossfor

14 September 2018

Crossfor Co Ltd is opening a new showroom in Hong Kong next month where clients can purchase its patented Dancing Stone mechanism and jewellery products.

Crossfor’s new showroom in Hong Kong

‘Dancing Donut’ component using Crossfor’s patented Dancing Stone technique


Located on the 8th floor of Mirror Tower in Tsim Sha Tsui, it also offers the company’s line of tennis bracelets and necklaces, which was warmly received by the market when launched at the June Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

“Designed as a retail store, the showroom is likewise aimed at giving our buyers product display and promotional ideas for the Dancing Stone and other jewellery collections,” stated Crossfor. “More than 2,000 designs will gradually be launched and displayed in the showroom.”

The showroom is a pivotal element in Crossfor’s new strategy to also sell finished products. “Until recently, our focus was solely on licensing the Dancing Stone technology. At exhibitions, we concentrated on getting orders and were thus unable to accommodate client requests to readily avail of our products. The showroom addresses this concern and enables us to harness our production capacity to meet market demand and bulk orders,” the company explained.

Crossfor currently has more than 200 global partners and distributors who are crucial in promoting the patented Dancing Stone technology globally. The new Hong Kong showroom also serves as a key marketing platform to educate the trade while facilitating seamless sales in a highly conducive business environment.

“With our new showroom, items on demand are readily available to clients. This also underscores our strength in mass production,” Crossfor remarked. “The shop’s design brings to mind our success story in Japan’s retail market through brand development, which we hope could inspire our licensees.”

At the September Hong Kong Fair, the company is on the lookout for potential international licensees for the “Crossfor Component,” featuring the Dancing Stone element. It is also focusing on wholesale opportunities and retail sales of finished jewellery.