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Spectacle of colours

14 September 2018

A mesmerising assortment of fine gemstones in exquisite cuts is capturing the limelight at Paul Wild OHG’s booth at the AsiaWorld-Expo.

24.48-carat green tourmaline

28.95-carat red tourmaline


According to the coloured gemstone specialist, buyers can choose from its latest collection of tourmalines from Kongo in vivid reds and lush greens. It is likewise presenting new bead layouts and spinel sets.

Also on offer are best-selling stones such as medium- to large-sized Paraiba tourmalines from Mozambique in medium to high quality. “We expect to entertain current and potential clients from Asia and Europe at the show. European clients are likely to look for extraordinary stones in time for the Christmas season,” remarked Paul Wild.

In a previous interview, the company said the market has become more accepting of other coloured gemstones such as imperial topaz, aquamarine, tourmaline and all colours of spinel.

Buyers are similarly interested in different cutting styles such as carvings and cabochons, among others, as opposed to classic faceting.