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Ultimate Jewels’ dazzling collections

14 September 2018

Ultimate Jewels Co Ltd of Thailand is aiming to delight buyers with a new collection of fine jewellery pieces adorned with diamonds.

Diamond-studded long necklace


“All our jewellery pieces are handcrafted by highly skilled craftsmen in Thailand. The new collection is in 18-karat gold and features classic, well-loved and timeless designs,” the company said. Ultimate Jewels wants to strengthen business ties with customers from the US, the United Arab Emirates and Europe but it is likewise on the lookout for prospective buyers from other markets.

In a previous interview, Ultimate Jewels revealed that its most popular products are long necklaces, pieces with various fancy cut diamonds
as well as earrings, ring and necklace sets.

“It has always been our policy to deliver products of superior quality to our clients. Our products are not only top grade but are competitively priced as well,” it noted. Its product portfolio is headlined by 18-karat white gold jewellery adorned with G- to H-colour diamonds of VS quality.