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Ingenious investment jewellery

14 September 2018

Goretskiy Jewelry is bringing the world of finance, investment and blockchain into the jewellery sphere with its innovative fine jewellery concepts.

Cryptopuzzle pendant

Diamonds Gift Card


Exhibiting for the first time at the September Hong Kong Fair, the Spanish company is presenting its four collections – Agua, Puzzles, DNA and OMM – that boast fresh designs in gold and diamonds.

Its portfolio also includes two pioneering products: A Cryptojewellery item and the Diamonds Gift Card.

The Cryptopuzzle pendant has a value of 1 Cryptopuzzle token, which is transferred to the owner shortly after purchase. Each pendant is thus registered on the blockchain. For its part, the Diamonds Gift Card features high-quality investment diamonds with GIA certificates. According to the company, the card costs US$100,000, which is also the value of the diamonds it contains, based on the Rapaport price list.

Goretskiy Jewelry cited its revolutionary designs and unique concepts of cryptojewellery and jewellery with investment opportunities as its competitive advantages.

It is hoping to touch base at the show with jewellery producers, multi-brand retailers and wholesalers from the US, Japan, China and Europe. “We are on the lookout for long-term business partners and distributors that can represent our products in their markets,” the company said. “We hope we can successfully introduce our brand to the global jewellery community.”