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Continental’s timeless classics

14 September 2018

Continental Jewellery Mfg Ltd is drawing professional trade buyers’ attention to its C Collection, at once a beautiful classic range of timeless gold jewellery with precious gems and the embodiment of the brand’s DNA.

‘C Collection’ diamond fashion rings


For over 40 years, Continental has fashioned fine jewellery to endure seasons and styles.

“We know what it takes to transcend trends: Timeless designs, crafted with advanced precision technology and formed with the most exquisite selection of precious stones and metals. Our evergreen pieces endure, to evoke eternal and effortless elegance,” it explained.

Continental said its own “C” story starts with creation; it creates jewellery products that customers can trust, so they can craft their own “C” story that captures the essence of the brand. “We know what our customers want, and we help them to create their own inspired story. Composed, creative, curious, classic or cultivated: Whatever the customer’s personality, the C Collection offers covetable, collectable styles,” the jewellery manufacturer continued.

Aside from the design, manufacture and sale of fine jewellery, Continental has also established its own brands – Quattour, Kissing Diamonds and C Collection, among others – and creates exclusive branded collections for clients.

At the show, Continental is eager to share its collections and capabilities with chain stores, retailers and wholesalers from the US, Canada, Europe and Australia.