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KP Sanghvi’s macrocosm of diamonds

15 September 2018

Diamantaire KP Sanghvi HK Ltd is delighting buyers at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair with its exceptional jewellery collections and traceable diamonds.

Diamond jewellery set

Diamond jewellery in modern designs


Buyers may choose from an eclectic variety of jewellery pieces in patented designs, embellished with tracked diamonds from mines in Australia and Canada. The company is also showcasing other refined collections at the show.

“We offer truly exceptional diamond jewellery collections, complete with wide-ranging price points so we can cater to the diverse and specific needs of customers from worldwide markets,” the company said.

KP Sanghvi is eager to entertain existing and prospective clients from the US, Europe, Australia, the Middle East and South Africa during the show. One of the world’s leading global diamond and jewellery manufacturers, KP Sanghvi celebrated its 50th anniversary in 2015. It is recognised and respected worldwide for its impeccable service, superior product quality and competitive pricing.