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Lorenzo’s cosmos of colours

15 September 2018

Lorenzo Jewelry Ltd is aiming to strike the fancy of buyers at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair with its whimsical coloured gemstone jewellery collections.

Necklace in 18-karat gold with amethysts, citrines, blue topaz and Lima quartz stones, Brazilian garnets, peridots and diamonds


Taking centre stage at its booth at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre is a splendid selection of top-quality gem-set products, a highlight of which is the coveted Lorenzo Collection.

“What better way to pay homage to the beauty of nature than with coloured gemstones? The Lorenzo Collection reinforces a design philosophy that places coloured gems at the centre of nature-inspired jewellery pieces,” noted Lorenzo. “The wide variety of colours, sizes and shapes of coloured gems also allow for greater design flexibility.” Capitalising on its strength in the coloured gemstone field, the Hong Kong-based jeweller said it is targeting current and potential buyers from global markets during the show.

Lorenzo’s jewellery pieces sell for a retail price of US$100 to US$15,000, the company said.