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Aspire Designs' fashionable marvels

15 September 2018

Aspire Designs Ltd is unveiling scintillating new collections of its brands at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Adjustable pearl necklace

‘Day & Night’ earrings

‘Day & Night’ pendant

‘K-plate’ ring

‘K-plate’ earrings


A collection of adjustable pearl necklaces with matching earrings is making its debut in the esme brand. The necklaces come with an easy-to-use mechanism to adjust their length. Also new is the K-plate Collection, which is inspired by Calais lace. The jewellery pieces replicate elegant and sophisticated lacy patterns using precious gems.

Aspire’s Vida brand meanwhile is shining the spotlight on its new Day & Night Collection. Through the clever and alluring use of white and black diamonds, the collection creates a fascinating juxtaposition of light and shade in eye-catching designs.

Aspire said it intends to launch a series of jewellery lines for younger generations. The fair thus provides an ideal platform to touch base with global chain stores, department stores and e-commerce establishments that could help it reach its target audience.

It added, “Given our experienced designers, skilled craftsmen and mastery of the latest technological advances, we consistently provide fashion-forward designs at affordable prices, offering the market considerable value for money.”

According to Aspire, its design prowess, exceptional customer service and production capabilities set it apart from other jewellery manufacturers. “Our portfolio consists of a wide range of jewellery that fits various market segments. We can tailor-make designs based on customer requirements and even provide 360-degree solutions that include branding and marketing to enhance sales of our jewellery in major chain stores around the world,” it noted.

Ancient Egypt details permeate the refined designs of Curve Jewellery Mfg Co’s new matt-finished silver jewellery collection. These are among the over 300 new selections that professional trade buyers can choose from at the company’s booth at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Curve specialises in sterling silver jewellery bonded with platinum, rhodium. yellow or rose gold, and hand-set with cubic zirconia, natural or lab-grown gemstones.

“We are a design house and manufacturer that creates works of art. Every single Curve jewellery piece is coveted for its exceptional brilliance and fire,” the company said. “Our mission is to provide our customers with the finest craftsmanship, superior customer service and on-time delivery.”

According to Curve, it offers more than 2,000 styles of trendy, high-quality jewellery at affordable price points to suit different markets’ requirements. Since its establishment in 2010, it has evolved into one of the most reputable jewellery factories in Panyu, China, it added.