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Delicate designs from French jeweller

15 September 2018

France-based jewellery manufacturer Mandine is placing its new brand, Min&ral, in the limelight at the September Hong Kong Fair.

Jewellery set adorned with amazonite and blue and white moonstones


Launched early this year, the brand fully utilises the company’s extensive knowledge in gemstone cutting and jewellery manufacturing to come up with modern designs aimed at younger consumers. Mandine has been around since 1892.

The pieces are adorned with moonstones, chalcedony and onyx stones, mother-of-pearls and lapis lazulis, among others.

According to Min&ral, the brand resonates with modern buyers’ propensity for individuality and making connections.

“Customers nowadays need to match with the spirit of the brand. They need to be able to express their personalities with the jewellery that they wear,” the company noted. “That’s what our brand is all about.”