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IIDGR underscores world-class grading services

15 September 2018

The International Institute of Diamond Grading & Research (IIDGR), part of the De Beers Group, is bringing to light a bevy of world-class grading services, education courses and diamond-detection instruments at the September Hong Kong Fair.



Taking the lead this year are two new offerings – a diamond service for jewellery pieces and the SYNTHdetect XL, an improved version of the revolutionary SYNTHdetect. The new version is able to test more pieces at a time and also has the ability to examine larger items.

“We offer the very best in detection instruments, first-class grading and testing services, and education courses that provide a comprehensive overview of the diamond pipeline,” noted IIDGR.

The institute is training its sights on the Far East market, particularly Thailand and Malaysia as well as the Greater China region. It is also aiming to find new clients at
the show.

“The September Fair is always at the top of our list when planning our strategies and we expect to see great interest in our products and services. As always, we hope to see current clients at our booth and around the show, but we also expect to build relationships with new partners,” noted IIDGR.

It is likewise hoping to drum up interest in its education courses, not only from the trade but also from consumers looking to build their knowledge of diamonds.