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The sparkle of diamonds

15 September 2018

Hong Kong-based BK Jewellery wants to charm buyers with its broad array of diamond jewellery pieces in modern designs.

Lady Dream Dancing diamond pendants in yellow and white gold

Hera’z wedding bands

Lady Dream Deluxe diamond rings


Top-billing its product offerings is the Lady Dream Collection that features an innovative diamond-setting technique.

According to the company, it counts creativity and quality of products among its competitive advantages.

“We have gained recognition for our unique invisible diamond setting and refined craftsmanship,” BK Jewellery said. “With ever-changing market demands, we introduced a new collection with round and baguette diamonds in micro-setting to cater to our customers’ diverse needs.”

The company also credits its design team for successfully fusing classic elegance with contemporary elements to come up with innovative designs. “We are continuously adding new product lines to diversify our portfolio. We unveil more than 300 unique pieces every month,” it added.

BK Jewellery is also highlighting its Love Infinity, Love Infinity Dancing and Hera’z Collections as well as wedding bands and clasps, among others.

The jeweller said it is on the lookout for chain stores and distributors at the show.