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Marvels of the sea

15 September 2018

Freshwater pearl pendant by Ruan’s Pearl (Holding) Co Ltd

Tahitian keshi pearl necklace by Rio Pearl

Pearl bangles by Riviere & Co Srl

Pearl necklace by Yoko London

South Sea pearl brooch by Dewcarat Ltd

South Sea pearl necklace with diamonds in platinum by Kuwayama Corporation

Pendant with South Sea keshi pearls by Liangher Jewellery Co Ltd

Left: Tahitian pearl pendants by La Peregrina Ltd
Right: Pearl bangle by Oriental Gemco HK Co

Left: South Sea pearl bangle by Arcadia Jewellery – Man Sang Group
Right: South Sea pearl earrings with lapis
lazuli, coral, onyx and turquoise from Baigal House LLC’s Khatan Collection

Earrings from the Timeless Collection of Autore South Sea Pearls Pty Ltd


Lustrous pearls enchant in glorious designs, bestowing grace and finesse on any ensemble. From perfect rounds that pay homage to nature to sublime imperfections that add character and panache to bejewelled creations, pearls remain a mainstay in every woman’s jewellery box.