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Jadeite specialist embraces changes

16 September 2018

Renowned for its top-quality jadeite jewels, Chia Ta Jewellery Co Ltd has been in the business of high-end jewellery for more than three decades. Its owner, Yu Chung-ta, is extremely experienced and adept at weathering the storms brought about by market shifts and economic turmoil.

High-quality jadeite jewellery pieces with diamonds

High-quality jadeite jewellery pieces with diamonds


With the global economy entering the new normal, the jewellery industry has seen a sea change in recent years, he noted. Jewellers should however not lose sight of their vision and must remain committed to upholding exacting standards for their products and services. Challenges notwithstanding, growth is still possible so long as they keep track of the latest trends and make the right decisions at the right time, according to Yu.

The experienced jadeite specialist said demand is always strong for natural, top-quality gemstones as these are hard to come by. He believed now is the best time to stock up high-quality goods that were much less accessible when the market was strong.

“The jewellery industry as a whole has not been left unscathed by the global economic downturn and the volatility of stock markets around the world. But the last few years have also seen rare gemstones and jewels fetch record-breaking prices at auctions again and again, indicating that high-end jewellery continues to thrive despite economic uncertainties, ” he said.