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French jeweller unveils Dragonfly collection

16 September 2018

France-based jeweller Garaude wants to attract buyers at the September Hong Kong & Jewellery Fair with its latest Dragonfly Collection.

Dragonfly earrings

Dragonfly earrings

Dragonfly ring


Inspired by the shape of a fan, each product in the collection embodies “lightness,” according to the company. Buyers may choose from a variety of Dragonfly earrings and rings, crafted in titanium and adorned with coloured gemstones and diamonds.

Prices range from €3,000 (around US$3,400) to €20,000 (around US$23,100), depending on size and other components.

Garaude is also presenting other collections at the fair.

“Designer François Garaude always takes inspiration from his personal experiences and culture, and uses non-traditional materials like titanium. This injects exceptionality into every Garaude piece,” the company said.

At the show, the jeweller is keen on doing business with concept store owners and international distributors. Its major markets are the US, the United Arab Emirates and Asia.