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Intricate web of dazzling diamonds

17 September 2018

Lumiere diamond necklaces

Lumiere diamond necklaces

Lumiere diamond necklaces


Lucigala Jewellery (Hong Kong) Ltd is shining light on its Lumiere Collection of diamond jewellery. The collection boasts intricate designs that link diamonds of different sizes, using 3D printing technology to hold the stones together tightly and emit a dazzling sparkle. The jewellery comes in 14-karat and 18-karat gold, and costs from US$575 to US$2,350 per piece.

“Lumiere is an illuminating collection that melds gleaming diamonds and ethereal designs. The diamonds are captured in the jewellery with inward spirals to produce the most enchanting glitter,” said the company.

Lumiere is but one of the many jewellery collections Lucigala is enticing buyers with. It aims to draw in retailers that are interested in enhancing their offerings with additional jewellery brands.

“We would like to raise awareness of our brand, reach more potential customers and expand our market,” said the company. “The September Hong Kong Fair forms the world’s largest jewellery market and consolidates the city’s position as a global procurement centre. It provides us with the perfect platform to showcase our brand and tap different markets.”