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Refined designs by FERRARIFIRENZE

1 March 2019

Jewellery set from the Paloma

Ring and bangle
from the Twist Twist Collection

Ring and bangle
from the Twist Twist Collection


Italy-based FerrariFirenze is redefining the meaning of elegance with its latest collection of fine jewellery pieces in contemporary designs.

According to Giulia Callegari of FerrariFirenze, the jewellery collections are made by hand at the company’s manufacturing facility in Tuscany. Wholesale prices start at around US$1,000.

A highlight of this year’s offerings is Twist Twist, which draws inspiration from the architectural details of Tuscan villas. “The cocktail pieces are quintessentially feminine and refined, and movable and soft despite their architectural and structured appearance. These are available in pastel blues, greens and pinks,” the company official said.

Other star collections are Paloma, Ventaglio, Maya and Bellissima, to name a few.

Paloma’s intricate designs bring to mind fireworks, with sparkling diamonds set in gold lending further sophistication to the pieces. Ventaglio meanwhile underscores the natural brilliance of diamonds, which are “weaved, crocheted 
and stitched together” to mimic the constant, delicate movements of silk.

Maya’s concentric-shaped rings, earrings and pendants pay homage to a woman’s body and soft skin while Bellissima blends elegance, luxury and magic, according to the jeweller.

FerrariFirenze is hoping to further strengthen its foothold in Hong Kong and China, and explore more opportunities in Southeast Asia. It is also aiming to work with retailers with an active digital presence.