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Captivating corals from De Simone

1 March 2019

Mediterranean red
coral and diamond earrings

Necklace with red corals from the Mediterranean


De Simone Fratelli Srl is hoping to catch the fancy of trade buyers with its eclectic collections of top-quality coral jewellery.

With over 150 years of jewellery-making tradition, the company offers a rich inventory of jewellery pieces embellished with red and angel-skin corals from the Mediterranean Sea, and diamonds, sapphires and emeralds.

The jeweller’s offerings are top-billed by the Mylady, Icon and Butterfly collections.

Inspired by a woman determined to fulfil her dreams, Mylady brings to life the personality of a dreamer – romantic yet strong-willed. “A woman committed to her soul, wise and elegantly daring; she knows herself because she chases her dreams with strength and courage – that’s what Mylady represents,” De Simone said.