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2 March 2019

Fine jewellery pieces by Ammie Kang

Fine jewellery pieces by Ammie Kang


Taiwanese jewellery designer Ammie Kang is turning the spotlight on her latest fine jewellery collection in 18-karat gold.

Bursting with vivid greens, pinks and blues, the pieces are adorned with jadeite, opals, pearls and other coloured gemstones. Diamond accents bestow definitive elegance to the pieces.

Every Ammie Kang piece is one of a kind and crafted with utmost artistry and craftsmanship, the designer said. The company also uses top-grade gemstones.

“We look forward to meeting potential clients such as collectors from all over the world, increasing the public’s awareness of our brand and promoting the artistry of Taiwanese jewellery designers,” noted Kang.