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Inspired designs from Aspire

3 March 2019

Diamond earrings from the Esme Collection

Diamond earrings from the Esme Collection

Solitaire Diva pendant

Solitaire Diva ring


New fine jewellery collections are headlining Aspire Designs Ltd’s glittering offerings at the Hong Kong International Jewellery Show.

The Diva Collection is a set of solitaire diamond jewellery pieces designed with millennials and online shoppers in mind. Khoe meanwhile features free flowing diamonds set in pendants and earrings with no prongs so buyers can witness the full brilliance of the diamond, the company said.

Apart from Diva and Khoe, the company is also displaying fresh designs from the Vida and Esme lines. Aspire is targeting chain and department stores, distributors and online buyers at the show.

Aspire is also presenting luxury jewellery pieces under its Kahn High Jewellery brand, which specialises in one-of-a-kind jewels, including fancy colour diamond and top-quality coloured gemstone jewellery pieces.

Kahn High Jewellery is expecting to do business with jewellery collectors or high-end jewellery buyers.

“We are looking forward to liaising with our existing customers and meeting new quality buyers at the show,” the company said.