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Colour conundrum

3 March 2019

A pair of pearl earrings embellished with coloured gemstones by Arcadia Jewellery Ltd

Ring from the Butterfly Maiden
Collection of Unicorn Jewelry Design Co Ltd

Nicole Barr’s sterling silver set in
pink enamel by Fish Enterprises
(Thailand) Ltd

‘The Arco Iris’ collection with fancy
sapphires by Kowloon Trading Co

Baroque pearl brooch by Top Kang
Lapidary & Jewellery Art

Jewellery set by Belford Jewellery Co

Gem-set jewellery by Isabelle

Paraiba tourmaline and diamond
ring by Wilds Co Ltd


Coloured gemstones inject zest and personality into jewellery pieces. Feast your eyes on these refined selection of rings, earrings and necklaces decorated with a variety of coloured gemstones to highlight one’s natural beauty.