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Top-quality emeralds from Muzo

16 September 2019


Highly coveted Colombian emeralds from the premier sources of Muzo and Chivor, as well as some selected gems from Ethiopia and Afghanistan, are gracing the display windows of ColEmerald Ltd.

The Hong Kong-based trader is offering a massive inventory of 1-carat to 20-carat gems of virtually all qualities. Buyers may choose from a wide range of perfectly cut pairs and trios as well as layouts, and round and square-cut Colombian emeralds.

“Our stones differ in cut and polish from those in the market since we follow a high standard of quality at our gem-cutting facility,” said Michael Haag, director of ColEmerald. “Our pairs and layouts match perfectly while our rounds and squares are precisely cut.”

Haag explained that ColEmerald’s customers value the company’s long history and expertise in the emerald trade. The company, which runs a head office in Germany and branches in Los Angeles and New York, has also built a solid portfolio of international customers.

According to Haag, top-grade Colombian emeralds are incredibly favoured in the market, so he expects to do good business at the September Fair.

In a previous interview, the company official said emeralds always enjoy a strong following in the gem and jewellery industry, with buyers actively sourcing stones of 10 carats and up in medium to good quality. Over the years, customers from Asia, especially Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore and mainland China, have fuelled solid growth in the emerald business, he noted.