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Diamond illusions from Viva Collection

19 September 2019


Viva Collection Co Ltd wants to attract buyers from the US and Europe with its sparkling selection of diamond jewellery pieces in illusion setting.

According to the company, western buyers have become more receptive to illusion diamond setting, which presents a great opportunity for Viva Collection. The company, which specialises in this technique, is launching mid-range products at the September Fair.

“Illusion settings have been around for quite some time but they're mostly available in classic designs. What sets us apart from the competition are our elegant and trendy designs, which are hard to come by,” remarked the company. Diamonds in illusion setting are affordable but equally stunning alternatives to larger and more expensive solitaire diamonds. “Buyers have become partial to price-point jewellery items, so we provide them with reasonable diamond jewellery options,” added Viva Collection.

The company uses diamonds of VVS to VS clarity grades and G to H colours in various shapes such as pear, marquise, princess, round, baguette and emerald.

“Building customer loyalty is paramount to us so we offer only first-grade products and services,” continued Viva Collection.