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Glittering parade of diamonds

20 September 2019


To celebrate the beauty and rarity of diamonds, Shanghai-based Kimberlite Diamond Group is showcasing a collection of high-end diamond jewellery in exceptional designs at the September Fair.

The company is also holding a jewellery parade and gala dinner today at the Grand Foyer of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre to celebrate the success of its 50-Carat Diamond Global Design Competition in China.

Designers from different countries and regions around the world were asked to create jewellery pieces around a 51.71-carat D-colour pear-shaped diamond of flawless clarity grade, named “The Eye of Time.” The stone originated from Angola in southwest Africa.

The competition received close to 1,000 entries from professional and amateur designers worldwide.

In July 2019, seven judges gathered in Shanghai to review all entries. A total of 25 finalists were then selected based on creativity, aesthetics and relevance to the theme of the competition.

The panel of judges included Bi Lijun, vice president and secretary-general of the Gems & Jewelry Trade Association of China; Yang Mingxing, dean of the Gemmological Institute of the China University of Geosciences (Wuhan); Laurent-Max De Cock, professor of the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp; Christie Dang, publisher and editor-in-chief of JNA; Sun Jie, professor at the College of Design and Innovation at the Tongji University; Chinese-American jewellery designer Lin Hongyu; and Jiang Yanyan, executive director of Kimberlite Diamond Group.

According to Dong Bo, CEO of Kimberlite Diamond Group, the judging event turned out to be an invaluable gathering among experts in the jewellery industry.