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Refined designs from Qatar’s jewellers

20 September 2019

Lady Rose Collection by Ghand Jewellery

Jewellery pieces by Trifoglio Trading

Ghand Jewellery’s Suhail Collection

Ghand Jewellery’s Suhail Collection


Qatar's jewellers are offering a diverse selection of jewellery pieces that places their country's culture in the limelight.

Thameen Jewellery is unveiling an exceptional 18-karat gold necklace from its Desert Rose Collection. Two roses of different shapes and sizes are the central attractions of the nature-inspired open necklace.

According to the company, Desert Rose pays homage to the eternal beauty of a rose through the jewellery piece's intricately made gold petals. The collection, which also symbolises willpower, is akin to rose-like formations of crystal gypsum, which are found in the desert.

At the September Fair, Thameen Jewellery is targeting buyers who are on the lookout for unique jewellery pieces inspired by Qatar's nature and heritage.

“We are optimistic that our designs can attract discerning buyers at the show,” the company said. “The jewellery sector in Qatar has faced many difficulties but we remain adamant in achieving success. Lately our focus has been on gold and traditional jewellery.”

Ghand Jewellery is also casting the light on a fine jewellery collection that hails the aesthetic charisma of flowers.

The flower, as one of the most enduring symbols of love, is at the centre of the Lady Rose Collection. According to Ghand, the jewellery pieces feature diamond-studded petals in gold sprouting from diamond centre stones.

The collection includes earrings, rings and long necklaces. “Dedicated to nature, these pieces combine the happiness of receiving a gift of roses with the eternal charm of precious stones,” the company said.

Also taking centre stage at its booth is the Suhail Collection, which took inspiration from the brightest star in the southern constellation of Carina.

Flowers also take a prominent role in Trifoglio Trading's signature collection, which drew influence from clovers.

According to the Qatari jeweller, the diamond-covered jewellery pieces in gold are ideal for adventurous and fashion-forward women.

“Trifoglio was founded with a refreshing and courageous objective – to make beautiful jewellery accessible, affordable and forever wearable,” stated the company. Trifoglio said today's modern consumer wants jewellery pieces that don't break the bank but are exceptional enough to wear on special occasions.