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German expertise shines at the September Fair

20 September 2019

42.24-carat Star of Namibia tourmaline

Royal indicolite from Namibia

104.04-carat tourmaline from Kongo

50.42-carat rubellite from Nigeria

DSEF German Gem Lab

Chains by Schofer


Germany continues to make headways in the global gemstone and jewellery industry, thanks to its unmatched gemstone cutting and polishing expertise.

The September Fair offers a highly efficient platform to showcase German companies' know-how in various fields – from gemstone cutting to jewellery production and gemmology.

Coloured gems

Gemstone dealer Vikar Ahmed is making its presence felt at the show with its extensive coloured gemstone offerings, headlined by the “Star of Namibia,” one of the largest tourmalines bearing the coveted electric neon-blue colour ever discovered in Namibia.

The 42.24-carat stone, which took three months to cut, was polished to perfection in the gemstone capital of Idar-Oberstein in Germany, according to Vikar Ahmed.

The company's inventory also includes neon-blue royal indicolites, large tourmalines from Kongo, bicolour tourmalines, as well rubellites, peridots, aquamarines and garnets.

“The most favoured colours in the Chinese market are green and red but electric blue is now gaining a strong following too,” noted the dealer.

At the show, the company is looking to do business with high-end jewellery brands, collectors and investors. Vikar Ahmed also underscored the importance of the September Fair, adding that it is where jewellers learn about emerging market trends in the second half of the year.


Chain specialist Schofer of Germany is drawing attention to its latest collection of chains in ultra-modern designs.

According to the company, layering of chains and other jewellery pieces has become a favoured style in the fashion and jewellery world. “By layering different materials of various sizes and styles, extravagant looks are easily achieved. Schofer offers an almost limitless selection of designs and materials to support this fashionable trend,” the company said.

Among the highlights of its latest collection are lacquered chains in the new autumn colours of “Tomato” and “Eden,” which can be matched with virtually any colour from the Pantone range, remarked Schofer.

By constantly perfecting the lacquering technique, now even thin chains from 1.2mm can be coloured. Abrasion resistance tests with pendants (20.000 cycles) confirm durability, added the company.

Schofer attributes its success to an effective combination of ideas with state-of-the-art technology, resulting in exclusive designs for discerning customers.

With a modern manufacturing facility in Pforzheim, the German chain manufacturer offers a varied selection of gold chains that meets the diverse requirements of clients for solid, hollow or ultra-light chains.

It also cited its ability to produce more than 1,000 chain patterns for different jewellery designs. More than 95 percent of its production is exported.


DSEF German Gem Lab meanwhile is offering onsite gemstone testing at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair. It is also providing updates on its roster of gemmological courses.

Founded by the German Gemmological Association (DGemG), the DSEF German Gem Lab is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year.

“Thanks to its worldwide reputation in gemmological education and training, DSEF along with DGemG, is not only a flagship company in Germany's gemstone industry; it also fulfils all requirements of a modern and international gemmological institution,” it said.

According to DSEF, its expertise in applied gemstone research at Idar-Oberstein plays a major role in gemmological development worldwide, especially in the areas of education and research.