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Bespoke creations at the centre of Italian jewellery collections

20 September 2019

Rings by Bertani & C Spa

Rings by Bertani & C Spa

Artur Gold Srl’s Sogno Collection

Faor Spa jewellery


Italian artistry comes into focus at the finished jewellery section of the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

Top-billing Italian manufacturers’ product displays are intricately designed pieces, which are testaments to their distinguished heritage in jewellery production.

Universe of colours

Vicenza-based Artur Gold Srl has taken its manufacturing expertise to the next level with its latest collection of coloured gemstone jewellery.

The company said it reinvents its collections quarterly to introduce upgraded and trendier designs that reflect the distinctive allure of Italy-made jewellery. “These collections boast countless styles in accordance with the latest fashion standards. We also employ modern technology in our manufacturing process.”

Artur Gold is hoping to raise consumer interest in its eclectic jewellery collections. These include Incanto, a set of nature-enthused coloured gemstone jewellery pieces; Sogno, which celebrates the magic of flight; and Legami, which places timeless elegance in the limelight through a special hand-engraving technique.

Other highlights of its exhibit are Luce Di Luna, a collection of pieces bearing the most delicate colours; and Ambrosia, a set of dainty jewels adorned with a mixture of coloured gemstones in gold.

At the show, Artur Gold is locking its sights on jewellery importers, distributors and chain stores, to name a few. “Continuous research and development is vital to our goal of providing the most up-to-date and on-trend collections,” the company said.


At the heart of Bertani & C Spa’s product offerings are ultra-contemporary designs that evoke its progressive design philosophy.

Taking pride of place at its booth are handcrafted rings featuring geometric lines and formations interspersed with diamonds. The rings are entirely made by hand using ancient artisanal techniques. “The surface is perfectly smooth and clean. No two rings are ever alike,” noted the company.

Bertani is also offering a collection of jewellery items inspired by cartoons and Japanese anime, which move the fastest in Asian markets; as well as extendable rings made with titanium springs.

At the September Fair, the Italian manufacturer is eyeing business opportunities with major Chinese jewellery players.

Built in 1960, Bertani prides itself on producing handcrafted jewellery pieces. It counts research and development, innovative designs and modern processing technologies among its competitive advantages.

Patented designs

Faor Spa is making available a new patented chain design at the show. The product, developed at its factory in Italy, was named Crystal Chain.

“It’s quite unique because we make use of a machine-made link chain, where a cubic zirconia is inserted inside each individual link. We sell this as a semi-finished chain by the metre and can be used by jewellers to produce many different types of collections,” revealed Faor Spa.

According to the company, crystal chain is a dynamic product that can be modified and reinterpreted by clients to suit their needs. Manufacturers can use different kinds of stones in various colours in the links, injecting further uniqueness to the pieces.

The company wants to do business with worldwide customers looking for innovative items.

“Faor has an unmatched reputation in Italy’s jewellery findings sector. We are also well-known globally as a reliable partner and supplier of parts and findings. Our clients are some of the most important brands in the world,”
it added.