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Diamonds: Timeless and progressive

21 September 2019

All jewellery pieces by FJIL Inc

All jewellery pieces by FJIL Inc

All jewellery pieces by FJIL Inc

All jewellery pieces by FJIL Inc


Innovation and classic artistry are reigning supreme at US-based FJIL Inc's booth at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

The Fine Group, a Mumbai-based jewellery manufacturer that recently celebrated its 30th anniversary, is unveiling a dazzling collection of “timeless and innovative” engagement jewellery pieces.

According to the company, the collection celebrates the charm of simplicity and injects a subtle yet edgy twist to elegant and classic designs. An ensemble of rings, earrings and pendants suggests a well-balanced union between craftmanship, aesthetics and affordability.

“We are very excited about this collection as it opens up new opportunities and elevates our existing engagement jewellery line to another level,” said company director Viral Kothari.

FJIL is also offering coloured gemstone jewellery pieces and a new line of lightweight diamond jewellery items.

At the show, the manufacturer is looking to entertain wholesalers, manufacturers and retail chains from Europe, the US and Australia.

“Dedicated to love and commitment, our latest collection embodies everything that the Fine Group stands for – innovation, quality and eye for detail,” continued the company.