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The enigmatic world of Mousson Atelier

21 September 2019

Jewellery by Mousson Atelier


Russian jeweller Mousson Atelier is once again taking the international jewellery community by storm with its dreamlike creations.

Diamonds, coloured sapphires and tourmalines, among other gemstones, are the centrepieces of complexly designed brooches, pendants, jewellery sets, rings, and earrings in 18-karat gold.

“Mousson Atelier is traditional in the sense that we attach great value to quality and beauty,” noted the company. “In every other sense, traditional is the last word that one would use to describe us. We are known for venturing off the beaten track, rejecting stereotypes and using innovative technology and techniques.”

According to the jeweller, this unique combination injects exceptionality to its high and fine jewellery collections, which in turn, appeal to all generations.

The pieces also celebrate individuality as further exemplified by exquisite gemstones carefully curated by Mousson Atelier.

“Mousson Atelier is constantly exploring new designs and manufacturing opportunities to make the impossible possible. We also use innovative methods to bring our nature-inspired designs to life,” the jeweller shared.

Founded in Saint Petersburg, Mousson Atelier has built solid business relationships with resellers and other corporate partners around the globe. It wants to further expand its brand internationally.