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Japanese artistry in the limelight

21 September 2019

Jewellery pieces by Keiko Ito

Jewellery pieces by Keiko Ito

Jewellery pieces by Keiko Ito


Jewellery designer Keiko Ito of Japan is displaying her iridescent jewellery pieces that highlight a traditional Japanese inlaying technique.

According to Ito, her masterpieces are created with the Raden decorative technique that uses mother-of-pearl or inlay of shells to adorn items and accented with Urushi or Japanese natural lacquer. These traditional Japanese techniques of jewellery making are applied to Ito's works on 18-karat gold or platinum frames.

“As a jewellery designer and creator, I dedicate myself to expressing the beauty of Raden and Urushi as an ode to my culture. Inspired by traditional crafts of medieval Japan, I have revived the art in the form of modern jewellery,” remarked Ito.

With an inventive fusion of modern trends and traditional craftsmanship, the designer is looking to strike the fancy of retailers, boutiques and concept stores. The polished, dynamic and colourful jewellery pieces are on display at the Chancellor Room of the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.