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AGS offers independent diamond-cutting services

13 April 2018


AGS Laboratories has partnered with Las Vegas-based diamond cutter Advanced Diamonds to further support the needs of clients and AGS members. Services on offer include laser inscription removal and re-cutting.

“AGS Laboratories saw the need to establish a professional relationship with a well-respected diamond cutter with a local presence,” said Jason Quick, laboratory director of AGS Laboratories. “This service will further support our clients, AGS members and the industry by reducing the time and expense of getting their merchandise to the market.”

Advanced Diamonds operates independently of AGS Laboratories, and is headed up by Karl Kruger, a master diamond cutter with decades of experience, according to AGS. Kruger also specialises in AGS Ideal Cut and AGS Triple Zero diamonds. 

“The beauty of having Karl and his team in Las Vegas is that this service will save our clients time and ultimately money on reduced shipping,” added Quick.