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Gübelin Jewellery presents ‘fiery’ collection

5 September 2018

Glowing Ember ring with Burmese rubies

Glowing Ember earrings with Burmese rubies


Inspired by the inner world of red gemstones, Gübelin Jewellery’s Glowing Fire fine jewellery collection celebrates relentless passion and the fire of love. It includes two jewellery lines – Glowing Ember and Sparks of Fire.

According to the jeweller, designers delved deep into the heart of exquisite red gemstones such as rubies to create Glowing Fire jewellery pieces. Regarded as the king of gems, the ruby has been associated with love, passion and fire for centuries.

“Its mysterious inner beauty is revealed under the microscope, along with its many other facets. The inclusions found within a gemstone are fascinating structures and characteristics that form as the gemstone grows deep within the earth,” noted Gübelin. “Besides giving each gem its individuality, they also shed light on its history and character. While their aesthetics inspire Gübelin designers to create unique pieces, evoking the many facets of fire, romance and love.”

Glowing Ember

The Glowing Ember line features rounded shapes that nestle into each other. This design is based on the photomicrography of a ruby, which shows an inclusion. It comes from a droplet of basaltic melt trapped in a ruby crystal. The two ovals, the larger embracing the smaller, appear to rise against the glowing backdrop of the ruby like embers glowing in a smouldering fire.

Using the photomicrography to interpret the inner structures of the gemstone, the designers have created rounded designs that effectively orchestrate the coloured gemstones.

Sparks of Fire

For this jewellery line, Gübelin designers were inspired by the colours, shapes and sparks found in a ruby. These inclusions resemble a colourful display of fireworks. The characteristics within this ruby create a refined play of light, producing a colourful interplay of refracted colours, a veritable sparkling rainbow.

The Sparks of Fire line offers an additional selection of coloured gems in various sizes: Fire opal, yellow beryl, morganite, amethyst, tanzanite, aquamarine and green or pink tourmaline. The red gold rings draw attention to the facetted gems and can be worn in combination or individually.