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Alrosa’s 11-carat deep purple-pink diamond to debut in HK

6 September 2018

11-carat fancy deep purple-pink diamond from Alrosa

Fancy orangey-yellow diamond


An 11-carat fancy deep purple-pink cushion-cut diamond is the star of a fancy colour diamond auction to be held by Russian diamond miner Alrosa in Hong Kong.

The company's maiden “True Colour” auction will feature 250 polished diamonds in various shapes and colours – purple, pink, orange and vivid yellow stones with certificates from the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Some of the stones come in “very rare” shades, according to the company. The lots will be presented at the September Hong Kong Jewellery & Gem Fair.

The fancy deep purple-pink diamond is the largest diamond of such colour ever certified by GIA, continued Alrosa. Other highlights are a vivid orangey-yellow diamond of over 15 carats and a cushion-shaped 11-carat fancy vivid yellow diamond.

“It took more than a year to prepare the collection. It is a masterpiece created by skilled professionals who knew what a real Russian diamond cut is. We live up to our promise to provide diamonds of the highest quality following ethical practices. This collection is a testament to that. It also marks our foray into the fancy colour diamond market,” said Alrosa deputy CEO Yury Okoemov.

Alrosa will sell the stones via a special electronic platform. The auction will become an annual or bi-annual event for the company, added Alrosa.