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WGC establishes China chapter

24 September 2018


Citing China’s growing importance in the global gold industry, the World Gold Council (WGC) recently formed a new China Chapter and added gold producer Shandong Gold Group to the council’s board. 

The chapter, to be chaired by China Gold Group Chairman Song Xin, is aimed at enabling Chinese member companies to engage more effectively with the rest of the WGC board, according to the council.

David Harquail, chair of the WGC, said, “The Chinese gold industry has developed phenomenally over the past couple of decades, and China is now the largest producer and consumer of gold globally. As such, we are delighted that the WGC’s membership is expanding to better reflect the shape of the global gold mining industry.”

The China Chapter, meanwhile, will pave the way for greater interaction between the Chinese gold industry and the international gold market, further enhance the Chinese gold industry’s international influence, and promote its continued evolution, commented Song.