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Alibaba, AWDC tie up to offer Antwerp diamonds in China

9 November 2018

AWDC and Alibaba officials sign the cooperation agreement on the sidelines of the first China International Import Expo


The Antwerp World Diamond Centre (AWDC) and Alibaba Group have entered an exclusive partnership to offer Antwerp-certified diamonds to Chinese consumers via Alibaba’s B2C marketplace, Tmall.

The cooperation agreement was signed at the first China International Import Expo being held in Shanghai from November 5 to 10.

AWDC gave credence to the partnership, adding that China is the second largest market in the world for polished diamonds while no other trade centre carries with it such an “exciting and flourishing history” as the Antwerp diamond industry.

Antwerp diamonds will be sold exclusively under the name “Shape of Antwerp” via Alibaba’s Tmall platform: Shape of Antwerp Online Flagship Store.

The platform is secured at several levels, enabling customers to shop with peace of mind, AWDC said. Each diamond is accompanied by an HRD Antwerp certificate. Additionally, HRD will laser a QR code onto the girdle of each diamond, which will include its certificate. By scanning this code, blockchain technology will enable the customer in China to follow the journey of the diamond back to Antwerp.

“The growing demand for luxury goods in China is generating tremendous opportunities for international brands and businesses. The diamond market is benefiting from this trend too, as sales are on the rise,” said Jessica Liu, president of Tmall Fashion and Luxury, Alibaba Group.

“Thanks to the Shape of Antwerp collection, Chinese consumers may enjoy brilliant Antwerp diamonds set in lovely Belgian jewellery designs,” commented Ari Epstein, CEO of AWDC.