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Male Perspective

3 December 2018

Nambé Men’s Jewelry Collection by Rémy Rotenier

Men's jewellery by Room 101

Men's bracelets by Tateossian

Thomas Sabo's Rebel at heart Collection

Pendant by Joint Integration

Desert Sky line from Thomas Sabo's Rebel at heart Collection

Men's bracelet by Room 101

Rocket cufflinks by Tateossian

Pendant by Joint Taboo



Men’s jewellery, in recent years, has gone beyond rings and cufflinks, with more men warming to the notion of wearing bracelets and necklaces. The lines between formal and casual jewellery are blurring too as traditional items adopt modern designs and rugged styles polish their edges.

Design brand Nambé introduced a men’s jewellery collection this year, in partnership with jewellery designer Rémy Rotenier. Targeted towards men looking for modern cool, the collection features organic, curved, simple forms. Their fluidity draws inspiration from landmarks of New Mexico – Nambé’s base and Rotenier’s adopted home – such as rolling dunes and limestone formations. Arrowhead details likewise allude to the state. The Nambé Men’s Jewelry Collection by Rémy Rotenier retails for between US$150 to US$600.  


Whimsical take

Leading cufflinks brand Tateossian often injects a healthy dose of whimsy in its products, turning the traditional into light-hearted conversation pieces. Geodes, watches, rotary pieces, gears, meteorite and gold nuggets count among the fantastical materials incorporated in its cufflinks. 

The current trend towards more casual looks has boosted demand for its bracelets, according to the brand. Tateossian’s stacked options – both by design and by selection – are proving especially popular these days. 

Silver is the market’s preferred metal for cufflinks while gold is favoured for bracelets, the brand noted. Moreover, its cufflinks have a strong following among millennials, and its bracelets see greater sales among men in their 30s, 40s and 50s.


Rugged masculinity

On the other side of the spectrum are men’s jewellery brands with a more rugged product portfolio. 

Exuding an urban-rocker, hipster vibe, US-headquartered brand Room 101 offers men’s jewellery in gold, silver and black titanium. New designs are introduced through two seasonal collections. Its fastest-moving categories are rings and bracelets, mainly in silver and black titanium. Room 101 also has a selection of pendants, pins and cufflinks.

Japan-based manufacturer EGGO has a number of brands for the male population. Joint Taboo is noted for its street-style designs with cross motifs in silver and steel. Leather and natural coloured gemstones add character to the pieces. Integration, as its name suggests, features men’s silver jewellery fused with details in brass for a bold, chunky look at competitive prices. According to EGGO, its brands’ jewellery – while targeted at men in their 20s to 40s – have also gained a following among women.  


Famed names

Established jewellery brands such as Thomas Sabo and Stephen Webster also extend their signature style to jewellery for men. 

Thomas Sabo’s Autumn/Winter 2018 offerings for its unisex Rebel at heart Collection is characterised by iconic designs, richness of detail and an exciting mix of materials. The focus is on blackened sterling silver, leather pieces and expressive designs that are ideal for layering and stacking. One highlight is its Desert Sky lucky charms line that reinterpret the mysticism of the Saharan nomads.

Architecture, music, history and travel provide the inspiration for Stephen Webster’s collection for men. The celebrated brand enables its male clients to express their personality through cufflinks, rings, pendants and bracelets set in 18-karat gold and sterling silver. The slick, modern pieces are accented with gemstones, ceramic, leather and/or enamel.