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Cartier reinvents elegance with latest luxury watches

2 January 2019

Cartier Libre Diagonale watch


French luxury house Cartier celebrates creative freedom with the latest additions to its iconic Libre timepieces. The watches come in vivid colours and contemporary designs.

Cartier’s Libre Tank Chinoise, inspired by a 1921 version of the timepiece, is imbued with rubies outlining the top and bottom of the face, with the intense red colour symbolising passion and vitality.

The original square watch has been given a rectangular look with black enamel. Diamonds, along with the rubies, give the piece a more dramatic appeal. It is available as a limited edition of 100 pieces.

The Cartier Libre Diagonale watch, meanwhile, has contorted and distorted features. Lines of red or black enamel are accompanied by paved diamonds. With a minuscule dial stamped with Cartier’s watchmaking codes, the Diagonale watch disrupts classic trends.

Cartier’s Libre Baignoire Allongée Céladon and Libre Baignoire Allongée black watches, for their part, are studded with emeralds and Paraiba tourmalines, black spinels, yellow sapphires and diamonds. “When perceived with the eyes, each gemstone becomes a minuscule speck of light. Meanwhile the dial in the middle is paved with dazzling diamonds,” said Cartier. These are available in white or yellow gold and released as numbered editions of 50 pieces.