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The colour of love by Gübelin Jewellery

10 January 2019

The Glowing Ember pink sapphire and diamond ring


Gübelin Jewellery is presenting its latest fine jewellery masterpiece for Valentine’s Day, highlighting the mesmerising beauty of a heart-shaped pink sapphire.

“It is a rare art to cut perfectly proportioned heart-shaped gems, which makes such specimens equally treasured. A glittering diamond entourage highlights the extraordinary shape of the pink sapphire and lends the ring additional fire, reminiscent of the fire of love,” the jeweller said.

According to Gübelin Jewellery, sapphires belong to the corundum family and have a broad range of colours, extending from blue through yellow, orange, violet all the way to pink. The 2.14-carat sapphire in this collection comes in radiant pink, bringing to mind love, romance and tenderness, noted the jeweller. 

The pink sapphire from Madagascar is further accentuated with brilliant-cut diamonds.