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Tiffany to disclose origin of its diamonds

11 January 2019

Tiffany diamond ring
KyleFung91 /


Tiffany & Co is the latest jeweller to jump on the transparency bandwagon, announcing recently that its newly sourced, individually registered diamonds will now come with provenance information.

According to the company, each individually registered diamonds (0.18 carat and larger) will be traced using Tiffany’s Diamond Source Initiative. A unique “T&Co” serial number will be etched on the stone by laser and invisible to the naked eye, providing consumers geographic sourcing information specific to their diamond. Beyond general assurances of “conflict free,” knowing the provenance helps ensure that diamonds are among the most responsibly sourced in the world, noted the company.

Provenance information will be merchandised in Love & Engagement caselines in Tiffany stores around the world, alongside a selection of diamond rings with their individual provenance clearly displayed. In addition, geographic sourcing information for all individually registered diamonds will be made available to consumers via Tiffany & Co sales professionals and customer service.

By the first quarter of 2019, Tiffany will include provenance on the Tiffany Diamond Certificate for individually registered diamonds, alongside the stone’s other specifications. The following year, Tiffany will begin sharing its craftsmanship journey, in addition to provenance.

“Diamonds, formed up to three billion years ago and brought to the earth’s surface by a miracle of nature, are symbols of the most important moments in our lives. There should be nothing opaque about Tiffany diamonds,” said Alessandro Bogliolo, CEO of Tiffany & Co. “Our clients want and deserve to know where their most valuable, most cherished diamond jewellery is from, and how it came to be.”